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Ổ cắm chuyển đổi Michelin ( AC - 220VAC ) - 7501 ML
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Car Cigarette Power Adapter Inverter – 22V AC and 5V USB port Power up and recharge your electronics though this 100W car cigarette power adapter inverter

Nothing is worse than when on a long road trip running out of juice for your PSP, cameras, iphone, or other such devices as you will have to wait hours till get to a wall outlet to recharge them. No more! Simply plug in this 75W inverter to your car cigarette power adapter and you can charge your devices directly from your car battery.

Powering your 5V devices is as completely intuitive. Have a plug for your device? Plug it into universal power socket and get cracking. Only got a male USB lead for device which you usually plug into your computer? No worries, you can use the inverters female USB receptical to get power just as fast.Easy to use and highly useful car accessory now available from our warehouse for both single and bulk order purchases.

At a Glance...

75W Power Inverter with USB Output and universal power socket
Easy to Use
Low Vehicle Battery Auto Shutdown
Overload and Short-circuit Protection
Great for small electronics using 5V power, PSP, iphone, smartphones, cameras, portable GPS
Manufacturer Specifications

Input voltage: DC12V
Output voltage: AC205V-235V
Rated Power: 100W
USB +universal power socket: DC 5V / 2100 mA
Overload protection: YES
Short circuit protection: YES
Low voltage protection: DC 10V-11V
Over-voltage protection: DC 15V-16V
Dimensions: L 120 x W 62 x H 41(mm)
Package Contents

100W Car Cigarette Power Adapter Inverter




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