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400.000 VNĐ
Tai nghe Bluetooth Monter Beats By Dr.Dre RBL155
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The product supports iPhone4/4s iPhone5 Apple Samsung HTC millet and other brand mobile phone Bluetooth devices. (With Bluetooth enabled mobile phones can support)

Support phone to play music (many Bluetooth headsets can only call, listening to music is not supported)
Support for stereo

For you and your family safe, please use a Bluetooth headset while driving!

Official Standard: charging cable + earphone + headset hook vice + box + manual



airing method: the state of the Bluetooth headset is turned off, keep pressing the power button, the blue lights started flashing, do not let go until the indicator light flashes red and blue alternately (slowly flashing blue light is wrong), let go, this process about 6-8 seconds. Then we can use the Bluetooth mobile phone searches.

Supports all mobile phones with Bluetooth stereo, computer, connect your tablet songs + Call
Which Bluetooth headset paired with your computer connection, you can listen to a variety of PC audio, you can use voice chat, from wireless QQ, MSN, SKYPE.
Compatible Iphone4 (ios), Symbian (Symbian), Android (Andrews) and other mainstream mobile phone system, such as support for Apple iphone, ipad, itouch products, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and all other mobile phones also mention, as long as with Bluetooth stereo function, listening to music all support calls.

1, we recommend that you first use the headset, the headset is charged, the charging indicator shows red when the headset when the headset is fully charged, the red light will be off for the first time about 3-4 hours charging time

2, the power switch on the headset: Using Bluetooth mode, press the function key until the red light flashes alternately blue, indicating that the boot

3, Bluetooth headset pairing: Start to Bluetooth-enabled phone, the phone starts looking for the Bluetooth functionality when paired with the headset from the best in the 1M inside until the phone looking headset Model "solo MINI" phone pairing password is "0000"

4, answering phones: phone calls, the headset with sound alert, then press the function key Bluetooth headset, you can answer the call

5, end the call: After the call, press the headset function key to end the call

6, refused to answer the phone: phone call, long press function key two seconds, release to reject calls

7, Redial: Redial last call, double-click the function key or long press function key for 2 seconds to achieve redial function

8, off: Press the function key until the red light, which means that has been shut down




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