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Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat
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Product Features

  • Portable, handheld A4 wand scanner

  • Scans any document, photos and more direct to SD card
  • Full colour high resolution scanning up to 600dpi
  • Edit text with included software (Windows compatible)
  • Full-page scans as fast as 2 seconds



Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat




Product Description


Scan and save documents, books, magazines and more with Copycat.

This ingenious portable wand scanner will scan any flat surface and saves to a micro SD card, you don’t need to be connected to a computer so it’s great for use around the home, or for business on-the-go. It’s quick and easy to scan and even easier to transfer to a computer, micro SD compatible mobile device or print directly from the micro SD Card.


Declutter and Organise… Scan any flat surface

Rid your home, office and laptop bag of all those piles of important papers that you just can’t throw away. Create your own ‘paperless’ office and store important documents, letters, magazine articles, business cards, recipes, even drawings and photos digitally, on a micro SD card the size of a penny. Copycat is great for sharing notes or scanning contact details on the go. Scanned documents can be easily transferred to mobile devices or use the included USB cable to simply drag and drop files from the micro SD memory to you computer’s desktop.


Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat



Full-colour, High Resolution scanning

The ION Copycat saves in full, vibrant colour and in high resolution up to 600dpi, perfect for when you need to capture in detail. The wand scanner design will scan standard A4 paper easily, in fact it will scan up to 210mm x 1270mm, perfect if you need to scan newspaper articles, old school photos and panoramic prints, or even wallpaper and fabric prints for all those interior designers out there.

No need to worry about unsteady hands

Copycat has built-in distortion compensation software, which means you will get a clear scan, even if your hands are a bit shaky. The page guides on the Copycat help you to line up the page to ensure your scans are straight.



Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat



Versatile Design

It’s versatile wand design means you just need to scan over the page, you don’t need to feed the sheets through the scanner, just run the scanner across the page and as if by magic, the page is captured. It’s lightweight and compact and is battery powered (2 x standard AA batteries) so you really can use it anywhere.

Great for Students and Researchers

You don’t need to spend hours at the photocopier breaking the spines of the book to copy the pages you need anymore, simple, quick, one button scanning will save you hours… not to mention a few trees because everything is saved digitally. You can even use the included OCR software to make scanned text editable, so you can add your own notes in Word or text files and email them to your lecturer/ team/ co-workers etc.



Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat




Easy as 1,2,3

  • Press the scan button (the light will flash when it has started capturing)
  • Run the Copycat over the page
  • Press the button to stop scanning
Scans are automatically saved to a micro SD card (not included). To transfer your scanned documents to a computer, simply connect the Copycat to your computer using the included USB cable and you can drag and drop the files from the micro SD card straight on to your desktop, or add them to existing folders on your computer.



Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat




Supported File formats and Exporting

Your scans are saved as a standard jpeg file, which can be inserted into a large number of supporting file types for both Mac and PC. Using the included OCR software (ABBYY Screenshot Reader) for Windows operating systems scanned text can be exported to the following file types
  • Export text to Clipboard
  • Export text to Microsoft Word
  • Export text to File (select your chosen file type from your computer’s drop down menu)
  • Table to Microsoft Excel
  • Image to Clipboard
  • Image to File
  • Image to Email (image saved as a .bmp file and attached to an email using your default email client

*Please note the included OCR software is Windows compatible only. We recommend Mac users use Google Documents free OCR software to edit scanned text.


Máy Scan cầm tay mini Ion iV12 Copy Cat




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